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Amalfi Coast, Italy

And there I stood, salty breeze in my hair, pastel villages suspended between sky and sea, my heart so so happy.   This was not my first visit nor will it be my last as there is something so magical…


Stonehenge, Wiltshire, United Kingdom

And there I stood, in Wiltshire happy to have a jacket and my pink pashmina keeping me toasty warm in July (yes July), staring at one of the most famous piles of rocks on the planet. Stonehenge was built…


Get Lost In Mykonos

And there I stood, one hand holding down my hat and the other holding onto my blue dress, in the “little Venice” of Mykonos seeking out the perfect place to take in the view and enjoy a cappuccino. No…


Breathtaking Santorini

And there I stood, enchanted by the beauty of Santorini and breathtaking doesn’t describe it. On this volcanic Island, the sky and water intersect at the horizon in a most magical way. I wondered, if I got up on…

Guy jumping namaste pose in Nice with ocean and boats in the background

Capturing personality in your photos

Looking for a memorable photo? Forget about saying “cheese” or the “duck face” selfie.  The next time you are on vacation capture the perfect photo by making a statement about your personality. Personality shots are not only fun to…

Market photo. Ham with hooves hanging from ceiling

Atarazanas Central Market, Malaga, Spain

Every great city has a central market, and Malaga’s is Atarazanas.  The name came from its Moorish history and translated from Arabic into English means, “place where ships are repaired.” It is a fitting name as Malaga’s Atarazanas was…

a slice of Battenburg and pastries

Afternoon Tea at the Wolseley, London, United Kingdom

And there I stood, at 160 Piccadilly in London eager to break from the tourist must do’s into the local’s must try’s. Stepping into the Wolseley felt grand with impressive columns, arches, stairs and a capaciousness of marble. There…

Ann hanging on a zipline

Costa Rica three days of adventure

When I think of Costa Rica I automatically think of adventure so when the opportunity to visit Guanacaste arose, I knew I needed to book in some fun. Here is how we spent three days of adventure. PALO VERDE…