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Hoodies, bonfires, flushed cheeks, hello fall

The smell of autumn in the breeze, the sun toasting up bright coloured leaves. Hello Fall! I just adore October it’s all about the leaves, blooming happily in shades of gold, orange and red.  Crunching and crackling under my feet…

Ann's Shopping Bag Lifestyle

Flat out Love

   “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world “- Marilyn Monroe. I absolutely adore heels for special occasions but, on a daily basis I am devoted to flats.  My tootsies are quite tender and love…


Crushing on Etsy

I have just met Etsy and yes, I have a crush, maybe even love.  My dearest lovely Etsy is unique, fun, and imaginative. Etsy constantly has brilliant ideas and shows me fun things to do.  I have discovered a…

Dog on hardwood floor sleeping

Cooking the kangaroo

And there I stood, cooking kangaroo for my sweet and loyal Jacky (a darling little Jack Russell Poodle). Let me start by saying I didn’t want to do it. I was that little girl who wanted to be a…

elle macpherson on runway

Elle Macpherson Ignored My Chips

And there I stood, in the checkout line at the airport in Rome with two armsful (plus some pinched between my thumb and index finger) of preservative free rosemary and olive oil chips (10 bags). Not the sensible baby chips…