About Me


Hi, I’m Ann, 

ResearcherReviewer of Everything, welcome to my blog!

For those who love travel and are interested in the art of living well, you will feel right at home here.  If I tried it, loved it and recommend it- It’s Ann Approved!

The Short Story

When my son Kody was little I bought him a cheapie flip-phone and in my Mommy’s voice said, “here let me show you, but don’t post anything on-line or else”.  When my Kody grew up, he handed me a shiny iPhone and said, “here let me show you, it’s time you teched up or else”. 

Now I Insta every perfect vista, I Tweet a yum yum sweet and, I monolog this fun little Blog.

The Longer Story

• My Family I’m married to “Mr. Ann” (♥pitter-patter) and we are a family of 6 living in Toronto (they would be the faces in my pictures).  My kids (♥ping) range in age from 17-24, and we travel together. Long out of diapers, they still like to play in the sand and need the occasional nap.  For me these days it’s more about encouraging them to go confidently in the direction of their dreams. For them, it’s about teaching me about social media.

• About Me…  Originally a girl from Spain and proud Canadian.  A sucker for romance and wanderlust spirit happiest when I’m with my family, celebrating, travelling and living magical stardust moments.

• My Travels… No backpacks for me. I long to sleep in an elegant bed and eat well.  I plan civilized travel (research, book early, plan and review). Often I am the family tour guide but other times I hire sherpas to lead our expedition.

• My Lifestyle… I drink green drinks and read books on healing my gut. I cook every day but Mr. Ann “cooks” on weekends (“reservations”). Lover of anything French, chitter chatter, clean sheets, and fresh flowers (♥peonies). Fashion lover, with an eye for beautiful things and anything charming, who is perpetually working on having an organized closet. Yes to aprons. Never enough teacups. Hats over sunscreen (but I sunscreen too). Puppy obsessed, and in love with every dog I meet who thinks ♥’s should be proper punctuation.


2015 Istanbul, Turkey, at Hagia Sofia with my family.  Left to right- Dakoda (Kody), Kim, Mr “Ann”, Me, Alyssa, and Boman.

This is a BFF blog where I write about everything Ann. My travels, lifestyle and the layers in between.  If I lived it, ate it, read it, wore it, or put it on my face, and told my BFF how much I loved it, then you will hear about it here.   These are the moments where there I stood.

New BFF’s welcome, come join me – I’ll put on a pot of tea or would you fancy a brew?