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Microcurrent Facelift Devices – Do they work?

Do you look in the mirror and wish for an instant lift?  Well, you can have a daily lift with microcurrent.

Microcurrent is touted as an instant results treatment in high-end spas and by celebrities before they hit the red carpet for a quick, refreshed look.  You can buy your very own device for the same cost of one of those high-end facials.

Microcurrent has been used for beauty since the 1970’s.  Microcurrent machines work on the face by passing small amperes (500 microamperes is average) of micro currents through the skin, tissue and muscle.  The devices require conductive fluid as a transmission vehicle.  The treatments claim to produce a softening of lines and wrinkles, an increase in collagen and elastin for a plumping effect and a lifting and tightening of the facial muscles.  They also claim to make product absorption better.

I bought my first microcurrent device, the FaceMaster, three years ago and subsequently purchased NuFACE one year ago.  So when I heard about StriVectin’s new device I decided to try it out for myself to see how it compared to the others.

FaceMaster by Suzanne Somers


I am a fan of Suzanne and own several of her products (well the ones that ship to Canada).  This was the first microcurrent device I owned and also my introduction into microcurrent.  The FaceMaster retails for $250.00.  It is lightweight and packaged in its own carrying case, but it’s pretty big (about a foot long).  The unit comes with a set of prongs (I call them my chopsticks), conductivity fluid and GlycoPeptide anti-aging serum. I tested the FaceMaster for approximately one year.

One of my big issues with this device is the prongs.  The prong heads are very small and leave little red marks where they touched my face, that lasted for an hour or longer.  The individual prongs require two hands, so you pretty much have to just sit there for 15 minutes and do nothing else (boring).  The company does offer a one-handed set of prongs but I found them difficult to master. The neck is a problem area for many people, but this device is not recommended for the neck.  With this device if you wish to focus more on one area of the face (ie jowls) you work that area longer.  But I rarely did this as I found it hard to find the time.

On the plus side, I did not have any breakouts with the conductivity gel.  The FaceMaster will produce subtle definition in the facial muscles, but don’t expect a facelift. One advantage of this device is that you can easily use the prongs to target the brows, by lifting and pinching.

My bottom line on FaceMaster: It’s a bulky machine that feels outdated and too time-consuming for a busy woman’s lifestyle (sorry FaceMaster and I still love Suzanne). But I did notice a difference while I used it.  I had my best results with this device on lifting the brows.

NuFACE Trinity by NuFACE


NuFACE Trinity retails for $350.00 and is an ergonomically friendly device about the size of your hand.  I have travelled with this device in my carry-on on 3 or 4 times, I was happy no one ever asked what it was (kind of looks like a taser gun).  I tested NuFACE Trinity for approximately one year following the FaceMaster.

NuFACE has four benefits over the FaceMaster.  Firstly, the device can be used with one hand allowing you to surf the net, read emails, turn the pages of a book or even walk around.  Secondly, the rounded spheres cover a large area making the treatments faster.   Thirdly, it is the only device I tested that can be used on the neck to tone, but this can sometimes feel a little zappy. Finally, it is also very easy to use and has no learning curve,  even without reading the instruction manual I instinctively began sweeping the device along my face.

This machine does require conductive fluid and it does dry out quicker than with FaceMaster, but adding a little water fixes that. Also, if I stop treatments and restart them a few weeks later, I find I break out for about a week, which eventually corrects itself. Don’t worry if you have acne you can simply glide over it although you may feel a slight ping but it’s no big deal.  I did notice a lift in my face with NuFACE, but less lift in my eyes. However, they do offer an additional attachment piece similar to the prongs of FaceMaster to treat the eyes (reminder to self – get a set for testing).

As an additional bonus, NuFACE does an excellent job at depuffing the face.  Having had lymphatic drainage facials, I noticed similar results from this device, it leaves my face slimmer and less puffy. This machine produces a slimming effect on the face and does a good job at contouring along the jaw and cheeks.

My bottom line on NuFACE:  Ann Approved.  Noticeable facial contouring, creates good volume in the cheeks, significant slimming and depuffing of the face and easy to use. I also saw an improvement in the neck.  Best results were seen after 12 weeks and with the regular maintenance.

Facial Toner by StriVectin Labs


Facial Toner retails for $199.00 and is worn like a headset around your face and the controller fits in your palm.  Facial Toner has two big advantages to FaceMaster and NuFACE. Firstly it is completely hands-free (yippy-hurray♥), so I can just zip around the house doing all sorts of nifty things.  Secondly, there is no messy conductive fluid to fool around with but you do have to purchase small sticky pads, which are in essence the conductive gel without the mess – that’s a bonus. Plus you don’t have to mess around and spend time washing the conductive gel from your skin -that’s a big bonus.  The connective gel pads last about 7-10 sessions and it’s difficult to stretch the treatments longer because the device will simply stop working unless you change the pads.  Once you use the pads you simply cover them up to keep them clean for next use.  The device is simple to use.  The trickiest thing is just deciding where to put the headset.  If it’s too close to the eyes you will know because they will start twitching.

This is the most powerful of the three devices, and you will feel some good zaps and face twitching if you are too aggressive. But don’t worry as you control the power.  In the beginning, I even tasted a little metal inside my mouth, but this is normal and went away after a few sessions.  Additionally, each side of the face is individually controlled.  This allows you to effortlessly work on an unsymmetrical face as you can vary the power on one side of your face, without spending any further time on the zone (love that). As you get used to the feeling you simply increase the microcurrent.

My bottom line on Facial Toner: Ann Approved. Quickest results, noticeable lifting of the face muscles at the corners of the mouth, and handsfree.  Again I saw the best results after 12 weeks and with the regular maintenance.  This is my top choice for its power, convenience and results.  In fact, I loved it so much I have gifted it with rave reviews.


All the devices tested wake up the face, creating a more refreshed lifted look.   But like anything good, you must be dedicated to putting in the time to get the results and that’s where StiVectin’s Facial Toner hands free advantage comes in.  I noticed in the beginning the lift is temporary lasting only the day.  But once I finished the treatment schedule the results became permanent as long as continue with the maintenance- it really is like taking your face to the gym.  Microcurrent does help build up the muscles in the face that tend to atrophy over time. I am happy to report a measurable increase in volume and fullness that helps to combat the creeping and sagging skin that comes with aging.  So go ahead and give your face a workout.

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