Capturing personality in your photos

Guy jumping namaste pose in Nice with ocean and boats in the background

Looking for a memorable photo? Forget about saying “cheese” or the “duck face” selfie.  The next time you are on vacation capture the perfect photo by making a statement about your personality. Personality shots are not only fun to capture but, they have made some of my favourite memories come to life.  Here are 13 poses to capture your personality.

1. The Athletic Pose.  Jump as high as you can and Namaste with both your arms and legs.

DSC01079 DSC01217  DSC01486DSC02045  DSC01551 DSC01766  DSC01512 DSC09575

2. The Dancer Pose.  Think of Madonna’s 1990 Vogue video and work the camera.

DSC09394 DSC09414

3. The Dramatic Pose.  Bend the arms and stare up at the sky or out to the horizon.  Soften the eyebrows for added effect.

DSC08476 DSC08462 Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset  

4. The Model Pose.  It’s all about bending the knees and leaning hard back.  No shyness permitted.

DSC01380 DSC01381

5. The Swager Pose.  Get creative.  All exaggerated movements with your body are good. Think “ya baby”.

DSC01389 DSC01391

6. The Deep Thinker Pose.  Especially effective for landscapes and vistas.  Back shots are great here.  Don’t look into the camera.

DSC09860 DSC09863

7. The Joyful Pose. Over exaggerate that smile, head tilts are good.


8. The Sweet Pose.  Remember that cute kindergarten photo? Here it’s all about cute. Tilt the head and raise your shoulder- say “sweet”.


9. The Respectful Pose.  Bring the hands to Namaste (bowing is optional).

DSC09599 DSC09564

10. The I Have “Arrived” Pose.  A long extension is key.  Teeter totter the arms and straighten them. Think of making an impressive finale, tada!


11. The Easy Going Pose.  Make the universal sign for peace but, be careful to point the palm out. To Australians and Brits palm facing you means “up yours”.

DSC08779 DSC01374

12. The Hugger Pose. Bring the arms over the “huggee” and smile.  Best when “huggee” doesn’t reciprocate.

DSC02026 DSC08992

13. The King Pose.  It’s all Julius Cesar.  Own your throne and while keeping the mouth serious and eyes fixed, stretch the neck to look up to the sky.

Processed with VSCOcam with x1 preset

Experiment with whatever pose best suits your personality, and have fun with it.  Happy posing.









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