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Two Of My Favourite Things- Clothing And Surprises

I’ve just discovered a super cute custom surprise bag filled with clothing and accessories.  It’s called Golden Tote. Two really great gals both named Sarah run this super fun L.A. business (btw they are married to two guys named Ryan- how does that happen?).  You pick the size of bag to be surprised with and provide some important details such as your sizes and style profile.  Then you just wait to be surprised.

I selected the small $49 bag- the large is $149.  I just love how California does boho so effortlessly (a mix of confidence and freedom), and I love feeling comfy, so I selected the Bohemium style.  One of the things I really liked is that I could tell them stuff I didn’t want to get when I created my profile.  For example, I asked for no “short shorts” (my tooshie prefers to be tucked in) or long trousers (I’m short at 5’2″).

picture (10)

I ordered my bag and had my surprise two weeks later.  Not bad considering these California girls had to fly my bag all the way to the “6” (This guy named Drake has given us this “6” code for Toronto – Torontonians have mad love and pride for Drake – This is a picture of him here … Isn’t he cute? Oops, I’m rambling… but now you know the story).  I had preselected a white loose fitting patterned top, and their stylist surprised me with a fun patterned jacket.  The next day I paired them with relaxed worn out jeans, brown suede booties and let the Bohemium spirit flow.

picture (8)

I just love the idea of the surprise bag and as a bonus the golden tote bag itself is adorable. But one word of caution, the gals don’t accept partial returns- so the whole package makes the round trip back to L.A., or they suggest you attend a clothing swapping.  You can do this through their Facebook site.

For an effortless and super stylish gift, they also do e-cards.  You can visit the Sarahs at


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