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10 months of hair Vitamins, the results are in

New Year 2015 I made a beauty resolution to love up my hair.

Even before I notice what a woman is wearing my eye is drawn to her locks if they are long, silky and healthy regardless of colour and style.  But it seems those beautiful locks always belong to young women under 40 unless you are a celebrity like Kate Beckinsale who’s hair is so full and bouncy (hair envy here).  So this last year, I have been loving up my hair.



First I made the decision to feed my hair, and after a fair amount of research and rubbing heads with my dermatologist I started Viviscal hair growth vitamins.  They are specially formulated with marine ingredients like shark cartilage and oyster meat (both lacking in my diet) to nourish hair from within.  The company promises to help hair become healthy and strong where it has become damaged and deliver noticeably thicker and fuller hair.  They state results can be seen in as little as four months, so I ordered a supply and never looked back.

After ten months of nourishing my hair with Viviscal, the results are in, and I can share with you that my hair grows effortlessly.  I also have seen a significant reduction of hair in my brush after brushing.  My dry hair that would break off when styled is now strong and resilient.  The best part is the visible thickening along the top of my hair which is a trouble spot for so many women over 40.  I am hooked having ordered another supply.  A three-month supply is $120.00. I think that’s a reasonable price to pay for hair on “hairoids” (hair + steroids…).


I also gave my hair some extra love with a new line of hair products. I am loving Living Proof for my hair’s everyday products because they just deliver on every promise.  Before I wash my hair, I luster it up with a generous amount of Caudalie’s Divine Oil focusing on the ends and I give my hair some extra cuddles with a 10 minute Minu hair mask from Davines ($38.00) as often as I can. Minu deeply nourishes my hair making it feel silky and as a bonus my hair smells good enough to eat.


I also picked up a new silk pillowcase that has helped tame my frizz and most definitely keeps my blowouts lasting longer. I am thrilled with my new head of hair; it really does make me feel so good.  Life may not be perfect, but hair can be, especially after a Friday blowout.

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