Relive and share your travel memories with a coffee table book

Large photo books on stone and weathered coffee table book. Small white dog is on sofa looking at book.

When I arrive home from vacation I am excited to relive the memories and see how my photos turned out.  I upload my photos and start my vacation scrapbook as soon as I have collected everyones photos (we have 4 family photographers).  I use Picaboo to create my memories.  It’s super easy. Over the last 8 years, I have made both their classic books and seamless lay-flat books. The seamless books are more expensive, but they are worth it in my opinion.  You get a product that is modern and contemporary. It’s also my favorite book to display landscape and panoramic photos.  Picaboo vouchers are available on deal websites like Groupon or WagJag for big discounts.  It’s super easy, I upload my photos and select the option to insert my photos by date.  Then I move around a couple photos, add a couple words and I have a beautiful coffee table book to share our travel memories.


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