Crushing on Etsy

I have just met Etsy and yes, I have a crush, maybe even love.  My dearest lovely Etsy is unique, fun, and imaginative. Etsy constantly has brilliant ideas and shows me fun things to do.  I have discovered a new fondness for goods and gadgets that I didn’t know I needed, until Etsy showed them to me.  Time seems to fly when we spend time together.  Etsy fills my life with sparkle, and beautiful playful things. Here are some of the things I am crushing on right now with Etsy.


These whimsical retro birdhouse campers are just what I need to park on my fence post so the birdies can move in with their families and live stylishly. They come in all sorts of delightful colours, like teal and vintage red and are just smashing.  They are not strictly for the birds – you will love it too.  They are made in the United States by a talented man named Jumahal.  I bet he loves birdies and camping too.  You can click here to visit Jumahal’s shop.

Then I fell in love with these…



These teeny-weeny boxes are perfect for delivering magic words to super special people.  Imagine a sunny day, sitting under a big oak tree on a red and white checkered tablecloth, that has been layed so nicely (and just for you) on a comfy mound of grass.  Imagine unpacking a bamboo picnic basket and poking around with your pink polished fingers, and picking out a teeny gold box with a bitty baby egg that you crack open to see “will you marry me”.  You’d be all jumping up and down, whoopie is me and twirling in your dress, so jolly. They are made by Elizabeth Hudec of Wilsonville, Oregon. I bet she makes lots of people go whoopie.  Visit her Little Elephant Crafts Shop here.

Then I discovered these…



Real acorn tops that are lovingly fitted with felted wool of all colours and strung with twine and ready to hang.  I most certainly need these acorns on strings, to use as napkin rings. They will be a hit the next time the family sits down for turkey dinner.  But, they are also and exactly the finishing touch I need on a fall wreath.  They are made by Angle Dog Designs and you can get them here. They even suggest you use them to dress up a bottle of wine. Yes that is perfect too.


Or who wouldn’t want to be surprised by a block of this beautiful Mum’s Garden Soap that looks delectably yummy enough to eat.  Made from shea butter and so good for your tender little skin.  This gift would definitely make a splash. Made by Queen B Bath and Beauty.  Take a gander at it here.



Or how about these soft pink and purply petals of sweet pea and ruby fruit soap that look like sheets of fine paper.  They are made by Lovely Body and they think every body is lovely.  I think they are smashingly pretty and so delicate too.  They are little treasures, that I would have to pick up oh so carefully. I must pack some for my suitcase so I can spoil myself wherever I may travel.


Or what about this mustard yellow oh so warm cozy comfy sweater to keep my coffee toasty warm, and my fingers too.  I especially fancy the color, it reminds me of the gold rush of marigolds.  By the way, whenever it starts getting cold, I  rediscover a new found fondness for the colour mustard.  Does this happen to you? I also fancy the pink button heart. It gives it that special touch to say it was made with grandma’s love.


Then I spotted this pretty purply sweater with the yellow maple leaf flags (I need everything with maple leaf flags).  This one would fit perfectly on my Starbucks mug and give it that special little dress up.  These knitted mugs are so wonderful and they are made by Autum and Amber in the United States.  They make all sorts of wooly fun things you should definitely give them a peek.

Then, when I think I am done I come across this adorable perfect gift for anyone who drinks wine (like me).  I am convinced, if we are going to drink wine, this is the civilized way to do it.  I most definitely need these personalized wine charms from and you probably do too.


They whirl and twirl to make personalized cards and bookmarkers too.  Oh, I just had a thought.   They would make such a lovely gift to mark a little one’s first birthday.  Mom could use it and pass it on to baby later, or keep it forever.  That’s fine too and perfectly appropriate to do.


I love crushing with Etsy and you can crush too at .  Before you know it your life will be filled with treasured little things.  That’s what happened to me.







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