Hoodies, bonfires, flushed cheeks, hello fall

The smell of autumn in the breeze, the sun toasting up bright coloured leaves. Hello Fall!

I just adore October it’s all about the leaves, blooming happily in shades of gold, orange and red.  Crunching and crackling under my feet then, when the time is right the leaves will fall and there will be piles of leaves under bare trees perfect for jumping on the count of three.








The aroma of hot apple cider with mulling spices floating in the kitchen air.  It truly is one of my favorite times of the year.  The best time to remember the things both big and bitty we are most thankful for; like wonderful families, lovie doggies, smelly harvest candles and pink bubbly baths.  Like warm fuzzy woolies, red knitted mittens and cozy soft scarfs. Like steaming hot coffee and cocoa with bobbing marshmallows. Feathery fall wreaths and tasty pumpkin pie.  Yummy squash soup, fun wagon rides, and crumbly caramel apple pie topped with a round scoop of vanilla icy.


Don’t forget pumpkins by the hundreds, big, small, fat and long.  Just be sure to place at least one by your door it’s still the perfect way to say – Hello Fall!

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