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Flat out Love

   “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world “- Marilyn Monroe.

I absolutely adore heels for special occasions but, on a daily basis I am devoted to flats.  My tootsies are quite tender and love feeling cuddled up.  Only flats give them the loving attention they need plus flats are the reliable way to get around all day.  I don’t want to sacrifice style for comfort so I am always looking for a smashing pair of flats that can keep me standing tall all day. This is my new lineup:


Vince Camuto shoes are chic, feminine and my choice for an everyday shoe. These Caya flats first followed me home in this lovely shade of powdered gold. Once on my feet they made my day go so nicely that I knew I had to go back and so I lovingly adopted a Napa black pair too.  I love the gold detailing on the heel and toes; it adds the perfect amount of pizzaz. Vince Camuto Caya and Napa Flats $130.00.

picture (1)

I also made my way home with these little wonders that feel like comfy slippers.  I picked these up to wear with skirts.  They are 100% Italian leather and fit like a beautiful leather glove.  Nothing is tight and even though they are pointy, my tootsies don’t feel squishy (how did they do that?). Town and Country Shoes $150.00.


These Steve Madden babies are my answer to ugly bulky running shoes with yoga pants.  I wish for a moment that I could be a fairy godmother and wave my sparkly wand to put a pair on you. Believe me, they feel like you put your feet to bed.  The woven fabric stretches to accommodate any bunions while providing a cushiony velvet sole. Why didn’t anyone think of this earlier?  They also come in wedges.   They are a true comfort shoe. Steven Madden Yoga Weave Flats $80.00.

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I don’t typically wear sneakers unless I’m in the gym or walking my doggy.  But I couldn’t resist these soft pink (and yes they feel soft) sneakers.  The little daisy flowers add the perfect feminine touch.  I feel like I’m 21 again when I wear these hightops with jeans. Oh and I do love how easy they zip up. Nine West Perforated Hightops $85.00.

Now, let’s go out and buy some shoes.


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