Stonehenge, Wiltshire, United Kingdom

And there I stood, in Wiltshire happy to have a jacket and my pink pashmina keeping me toasty warm in July (yes July), staring at one of the most famous piles of rocks on the planet. Stonehenge was built between 2000 BC and 3000 BC, and its exact purpose is still unknown. Experts have theorized it was a sacred burial ground, place of worship or even intended as an astronomy location.   It is believed construction happened in stages, and the heaviest boulders weigh a mammoth 40 tons (that’s around 13 pickup trucks) each.  The mystery of Stonehenge draws visitors from all over the world.


The site offers the perfect excursion for passengers in transit between London and the Port of Southampton.  We booked a private transfer with Central Chauffer Services and selected the two-hour waiting service for approximately 75 GBP per person. This fee also included the full transfer from London to Southampton.  The drive was approximately 145 km from London.

We caught our first glimpse of the circle from the A360 highway.  I admit it was quite unimpressive from the road, just an ordinary green field with tall boulders.  We had pre-booked one of the first opening times available to avoid the cruise ship excursions, and it was a smart idea as we did not encounter any lines or crowds. However, if you must visit during the busier hours, don’t worry as the circle area is large, and there are countless photo opportunities.  DSC01091


The site is a half hours walk along a grass path or 10 minutes drive via the visitor shuttle.  We opted for the shuttle.  Once we got up to the stones, my first impression was contradicted as I felt a sense of tranquility and gratefulness about being there.  The audio guide provided interesting information and guided the journey around the stones. Unfortunately, visitors are not permitted to walk among the stones.   I had read a lot of mixed reviews about whether or not to visit this famous site, but that didn’t sway my decision to see it.  My motto is to do it all- you can always regret it later.  But, I didn’t regret it, and if pictures are worth a thousand words, then you can see we jumped for joy about the opportunity to visit.  




Tip:  Book tickets three weeks in advance for best entry times during the peak summer season. Audio tours are available for purchase, and I highly recommend. Oh and bring your woolies as even in July the winds here can be fierce.



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