Elle Macpherson Ignored My Chips

elle macpherson on runway

And there I stood, in the checkout line at the airport in Rome with two armsful (plus some pinched between my thumb and index finger) of preservative free rosemary and olive oil chips (10 bags). Not the sensible baby chips size but the big bags you would feed to a party. The flight home was to be 9 hours and 50 minutes, so I did the math. Someone in fine movie watching form could easily take in four+ movies. I was planning on a healthy dose of two movies plus a couple documentaries (I love documentaries) to pass the time (I was out of books). Still that’s a lot of tv and with 10 of us traveling on this flight, I needed to bring back a lot of chips.

This line was moving at a snail’s pace. Not good as I still needed to find a bathroom before we boarded. Bladder full I pivoted 180 degrees to survey the line behind me (mostly to survey the mood behind me). A jolt ran through my body as I recognized Elle Macpherson wearing a classic soft beige trench coat holding the position in line directly behind me. Now, you don’t understand; I love Elle Macpherson. I grew up with the new generation of supermodels that included Elle Macpherson, Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell and Linda Evangelista. I followed them all (Elle and Cindy were my favourites).

I thought I can’t just ignore Elle and pretend that I don’t know who she is (I do, I do!). In fact, I had just read about her new supplement drink to clean and alkalize the body (I love that kind of stuff). But I wasn’t going to be one of those annoying fans who fumbles around for a picture or autograph. I am sure she has people asking to take her picture all the time (Elle!). Not to mention I didn’t have my iPhone, camera, iPad or anything else I could use to photograph a glamourous supermodel and me cozied up like besties in selfie pose.

So instead, I turned around again and told her how beautiful she looked. I saw her straight teeth as she smiled, her eyes twinkled, she tossed her head and honey-toned hair to the side like a graceful gazelle and said “thank you” in her charming long-voweled Australian accent. Now just between us, I don’t think her hair had been brushed that day, but I had read that models don’t brush their hair on days they don’t have paid work to prevent damage. But no reason to sound the alarm as, I can verify that when you are as beautiful as Elle Macpherson is, you can most certainly get away with untamed tresses.

So with my arms, two fingers and thumbs fumbling sea salt chips, I told her I just love healthy green drinks and had recently read about her new alkalizing product Super Elixir. She seemed impressed by this, and although she certainly spotted my big bags of chips, she pretended not to notice (what class!). She beamed about how great Super Elixir was and that I must try it out. Ironically we spent a few minutes discussing the benefits of having a clean body. She told me how great she felt once she focused on making her body more alkaline. I told her I check my pH and try to be alkaline (that reminded me I had to pee) and we chatted for a few minutes. Unfortunately, too quickly came my time to check out and own my chips. I told her I would try Super Elixir when I got home! With renewed energy, I waded through masses of people with carry-ons and past two lineups of women waiting to pee (I never got to pee before boarding) to find my family and tell them I just met Elle Macpherson! My 17-year-old son’s reply, “isn’t she a Scottish chef. Can I have my chips?” My husband definitely knew who she is.

By the way, I decided to try the untamed tresses for healthier hair myself. But, after a weekend of looking homeless, I quickly renewed vows with my hairbrush. Wishing now I had the picture.

Cover photo source Wiki Commons, originally on Flickr, attribution Eva Rinaldi


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