Dunn’s River Falls, Jamaica

Family (us) at Dunn's Falls

If you ask me there are two musts when visiting Ocho Rios.  First a pitstop at a pattie shop for Jamaican patties. You can’t beat such a delicious $2 lunch and just thinking about it awakens my appetite.  Spicy chicken, calypso curry chicken, cheesy beefy tomato, yum yum.  I like mine in cocoa bread and if you can make a stop at a supermarket, pick up a Ting (Jamaican grapefruit soda) to wash it down with a Jamaican twist.   Next head to Dunn’s River to climb their famous Water Falls and to burn off the calories.

The falls are a series of natural steps and pools spanning over 600 feet with fast flowing rapid, clear water. Climbing them is listed as one of the top attractions on the sunny Island of Jamaica, and we knew it was something we needed to do.  Upon arrival, a guide (named J.J.) was assigned to us.  They have lockers for rent to store valuables and water shoe rentals for those who need them (I always prefer to bring my own water shoes).  J.J. pointed out an observation deck for those who would rather watch while letting us know that children young as two have done it.

And there I stood, in my water shoes, braving the shock of the cold water on my legs.  I wore a white skort, that’s a skirt with shorts combo (don’t ask me what I was think when I wore white) with my bathing suit underneath ( I didn’t want anything hanging out while I climbed). No string bikini for me, (although we did see some teeny tiny ones).  Now, the best way to climb the falls is to hold hands and form a chain and let your guide lead the way. Before I knew it, the chain started moving and with it I went.  The person in front both encourages and helps pull you along. Let me say again the water was ice cold and the rocks were slippery but it was oh so fun.  Thank you for inventing water shoes.  They are ugly but do the job (someone should design cute ones… just saying…).  

After climbing the falls we swam at Dunn’s River beach, a very pleasant way to spend an afternoon.  This beach was featured in the James Bond movie “Dr. No” after Ian Fleming author of the Bond movies fell in love with the island of Jamaica.  But if you wish to continue your day of adventure, a twenty minute drive will take you to the white water tubing area where you will tube over 7 rapids.  “Ya mon”.





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